About Us

The Los Angeles Asperger Syndrome Parents’ Support Group is an informal group of parents, relatives, guardians, spouses, siblings, and care-givers interested in helping our loved ones handling Asperger Syndrome (AS). The “children” are of ages from 2 to above 60. AS is a lifetime issue, though it need not be a disability, especially since “special” problems are so often associated with special abilities.

We meet monthly to discuss these issues, either for general discussions or discussions with invited experts. Our meetings are always on the second Wednesday of each month, always from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Outpatient Counseling Center. Please join us!

Even though the psychiatric professionals have dropped this category from the DSM (merging it with the rest of the autism spectrum disorders), we find the concept of Asperger Syndrome to be very useful. It is at the high end of the Autism Spectrum, i.e., the closest to neurotypical (“normal”) and most able to function in society at large. Many individuals move up and down the spectrum during their lives. It is possible any individual to function better in society at large, but society must adapt to serve all types of individuals.

We also talk about similar issues, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), high-functioning autism (HFA), Pervasive Development Disorder-NOSSocial (Pragmatic) Communication DisorderSensory Processing Disorder (also known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction), Nonverbal Learning Disorder,Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder, Hyperlexia, Mild Autism, Autism-like, Actively Odd, and (last but not least) Asperger Syndrome Lite. Sheldon, Howard,  Leonard, and even Raj are relevant, of course.

Basic FAQs.

⇒     For more information about these groups, see our main FAQs page.

⇒     Because the issues are usually very different, our group is really not the best place for the parents and other supporters of those with “classical” autism. The issues can be very different.

⇒     This group is also not aimed at those with AS themselves, though they are welcome to attend. There are two groups in Los Angeles for adults with AS: AGUA Classic and the local branch of GRASP.

⇒     A Recommendation: it’s good to attend our meeting on the second Wednesday of each month and bring your adult loved one with Asperger syndrome to attend the GRASP meeting that occurs down the hall from us on the same day at the same time. Of course, parents (guardians, etc.) with Asperger Syndrome are welcome to attend either meeting. That way, a good time can be had by all.

⇒     All parents, relatives, guardians, and care-givers are welcome. Drop-ins are welcome. This is not a members-only group. In fact, there is no membership list – and no fees. It is a totally non-commercial group (without even a budget).

⇒     Unfortunately, we cannot provide childcare. Please do not bring your children and immature teens to the meeting (unless it’s noted otherwise in our announcements), since it may interfere with the ability of adults to talk to each other. (Adult children and mature teens are of course welcome.)

⇒     So far, our meetings are only in English. Igpay Atinlay is okay, but don’t expect us to understand it or answer you.

⇒     Teachers and mental-health professionals are also welcome. But as noted in our FAQs, our meetings are not for promoting any specific program or individual.

⇒     Everything said at our meetings is kept in total confidence, while our e-mailing lists are totally secret.

⇒     The organizers of the group are Jim Devine and Fran Goldfarb. Call us for information about Asperger Syndrome or about our support group at 310 636-0101. [This is our home phone. Call only after 7 a.m. and before 9 p.m., please. Also, we sleep late on weekends.]

⇒     We have e-mail at: laasperger@gmail.comjdevine@lmu.edu (Jim), and beadsme@verizon.net (Fran).



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