3. The Nature of Our Group.

⇒ There are no membership requirements or fees for attendance. Of course, the bringing of pastries is always appreciated.

⇒ We are not a 12-step or a “recovery” group. Rather, our group provides a place where parents can give information and support to each other. Everything said will be held in the strictest of confidence. The group is totally non-commercial. In fact, we do not even have a budget.

⇒ Fran and Jim are not M.D.s in psychiatry or Ph.D.s in psychology but are parents of a child with AS. Fran is a professional health educator, while Jim is a professional economist who has his own tendencies toward AS. He will tell you all about them at length in a tedious monotone if you make the mistake of asking him about them.

⇒ Unfortunately, we cannot provide childcare while our meetings are only in English. Some people have brought their own translators.

⇒ Everything said at our meetings is kept in total confidence, while our e-mailing lists are totally secret.

⇒ The organizers of the group are Jim Devine and Fran Goldfarb. Call us for information about Asperger Syndrome or about our support group at 310 636-0101. This is our home phone. Call only after 7 a.m. and before 9 p.m., please. Also, we sleep late on weekends.

⇒  Our main e-mail address is laasperger@gmail.com. However, you can contact Jim at  jdevine@lmu.edu and Fran at beadsme@verizon.net. For e-mails, please use the word “Asperger” in the subject line, so that it’s easier to separate your wheat from the chaff of spam.

1. What is Asperger Syndrome?

2. Who’s Welcome at Our Meetings?

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