Electronic Resources.


Our group has an “e-blast” group which broadcasts news and views on AS to its members. It is organized as a Yahoo group. You must be a member of the LA Asperger E-blast Yahoo group to receive e-blasts.  (It is not the same as Aspies_LA.) To become a member go to  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LA_Asperger_Eblast. (You don’t need any approval to join.) The email address is  LA_Asperger_Eblast@yahoogroups.com [with “_” (underscore) where the two blanks appear on the left, so that the prefix of this e-mail address is “LA_Asperger_Eblast” without the quotation marks]. When you join this group, you can also send out announcements, but please limit them to those related to Asperger Syndrome.  If you join, you will also be able to see archived announcements.

On-Line Discussion Group.

ASPIES_LA is an on-line discussion group under the aegis of Yahoo. If you want to join, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aspies_LA/ and go through the process there. Send an e-mail requesting to join to aspies_la-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.  The discussion can be quite lively. Members have organized get-togethers. Please join and contribute your thoughts, questions, and experiences! (Please, please, please, no advertising.)

Monthly Announcements.

To receive our  monthly meeting announcement, send an e-mail to Jim at jdevine@lmu.edu. Except when there is an error in the announcement, you should receive only one message per month.

… and of course, these pages.